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Crack Seasoning

Crack Seasoning

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Your instant seafood boil at home! (DOES NOT INCLUDE SEAFOOD!)

This mouth watering seasoning is going to get you hooked! With its sweet and savory blend, it is the perfect complement to your seafood boil. Enjoy a hassle-free meal at home by simply adding butter, garlic, and pre-cooked seafood. No need to purchase numerous seasonings, as The Crack Seasoning has everything you need in one bag, saving you both time and money.

Our seasoning is not spicy - adjust the spice level to your liking by adding red pepper flakes OR add a dash of hot sauce. Taste as you go and make it your own.

All the good stuff

  • 90g per pack
  • Each pack will serve 4 people
  • Made fresh in NZ
  • Store in a dry, cool place

Ingredients: Sugar, chicken stock, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, lemon pepper, parsley and ground pepper.

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